Help give kids like Grace a fair go in life

The Berry Street School gives our community's most vulnerable children a chance of a brighter future. 

The Berry Street School specialises in giving children who have suffered trauma and abuse a place to recover and reach their full potential.

What makes our school unique?

All our staff are experts in childhood trauma and the ratio of staff to children is far greater than a main-stream school.

Unlike most school curricula, ours is designed to adapt to the child rather than forcing the child to adapt to it.

Our therapy dog, Phoebe, provides support and comfort to help children recover from the effects of trauma and abuse.​​​​​​​

Your gift can help more children recover from trauma and abuse.

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Your gift can help us train another therapy dog like Phoebe to provide comfort to vulnerable children.

Your gift can provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch for children that might otherwise go hungry.

 Your gift can go towards vocational classes that will help our students develop the skills to succeed in life.